Basically, OvenStudio LLHLS offers seamless streaming playback through the OvenPlayer included in the web console. It also supports playback on external players by using LLHLS-configured Origin URL or Edge URL (requires CDN integration).

On OvenStudio LLHLS

  1. If you are transmitting a media source to OvenStudio LLHLS, click on the Streaming box on the main page of OvenStudio LLHLS to access the stream details page.

  2. You can then play the stream currently being sent to OvenStudio LLHLS through the OvenPlayer embedded on that page.

How to control OvenPlayer in OvenStudio LLHLS

  1. On the stream details page, hover over the OvenPlayer on the left and tap the [Settings] icon to the right of the bottom player-controller that appears.

    • You can control the screen playback speed from 0.25x to 2x via [Speed Settings], and if the latency between the media source and streaming is narrow, you cannot use a playback speed that is more than 1x faster.

    • The [Quality Settings] can be viewed by selecting the option you set to use in the [Output Profile Settings] and may be automatically adjusted according to the network and system environment when using multiple profiles.

On OvenPlayer Demo

  1. If you send a media source to OvenStudio LLHLS via an encoder, click the Streaming box on the OvenStudio LLHLS main page.

  2. Then go to the [URLs] tab, and copy the [Origin URL] (or [Edge URL]).

  3. Access the OvenPlayer Demo. Then click on the [Test Player] Paste the Egress URL into the Playback URL field located at the top of the page and press the [Add Source] button. If OvenPlayer loads and plays the stream, you can see that your OvenStudio LLHLS is working fine.

  4. However, if OvenPlayer does not load, try refreshing the player by clicking the [Load Player] button at the bottom of the player.

On External Player

  1. If you are transmitting a media source to OvenStudio LLHLS, press the Streaming box on the main page of OvenStudio LLHLS.

  2. Then, in the [URLs] tab, you can copy the [Origin URL] (or [Edge URL]) to play it back on the Web, Android, and iOS player.

The [Edge URL] is displayed when your OvenStudio LLHLS connects with CDN such as AWS CloudFront, your CDN, and is able to distribute streams.

  1. OvenStudio LLHLS only supports the LLHLS Protocol for Egress, so the [Origin URL] (or [Edge URL]) is composed of HLS and can be easily connected and played on any player.

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