If you want to stream with WebRTC Ingress in your browser, such as webcam capture and screen sharing, you have to use the HTTPS specification with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), not HTTP. For this, OvenStudio LLHLS provides a free certificate and domain that is automatically renewed.

Using Free Domain and Certificate

  1. Press the [Settings] button located in the top right corner of the OvenStudio LLHLS to enter the Settings page. Then, press [Certificate] from the left menu.

  2. When you decide to use OvenStudio LLHLS and launch your instance, the system automatically issues and applies a free domain and certificate. The certificate is also automatically renewed seven days before the expiration date.

SSL, a secure protocol, is required to stream over WebRTC, and the domain is used as the OvenStudio LLHLS web console and streaming URL.

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