AWS Instance


The choice of AWS Instance type depends on factors such as the quality of the input video, live transcoding settings for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR), the number of concurrent streams, and more. When using ABR, selecting profiles other than Pass-through can significantly increase CPU resource usage, so it's important to ensure sufficient CPU resources are available.

This guide is written to maintain CPU usage below 70% to ensure service stability. However, it's important to note that AWS Instances may have CPU Credit policies in place, which can limit resource usage or result in additional costs if the CPU reaches a 100% boost.

We encourage you to make an informed decision when selecting the appropriate instance based on the performance metrics we have provided.

Test results for each AWS Instance

The following data is measured in terms of CPU and memory resource usage. And the ABR was tested with all the profiles in the table.

t2.micro (FREE) - 1C / 2.5GHz / 1GB

t3.small - 2C / 2.5GHz / 4GB

c4.large - 2C / 2.9GHz / 4GB

c5.xlarge - 4C / 3.6GHz / 8GB