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OvenStudio LLHLS provides an easy connection to AWS CloudFront as CDN with a single click to distribute your streams. You can use an Origin Server and an Edge Server in OvenStudio LLHLS.

Origin Server is the primary server where OvenStudio LLHLS is installed on AWS and ingresses media sources through your encoder. While you can share your streams using Origin Server, it's not ideal if you need to distribute with a large audience.

Edge Server is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that allows OvenStudio LLHLS to connect with AWS CloudFront or a CDN for your Edge to spread the media sources received by the Origin Server to multiple locations. If your audience is more larger than tens of hundreds, you will need an Edge Server, and you can add more Edge Servers as needed to accommodate an unlimited number of viewers.

If you are using AWS CloudFront to deliver your live stream, you will be charged a separate usage fee.

AWS Credentials

  1. Refer to the AWS User Guide for AWS Identity and Access Management to obtain your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

  2. Then, click the [Settings] icon on the top right of OvenStudio LLHLS and select [AWS CloudFront] from the left menu to enter the AWS Credentials settings page.

  3. Enter the issued Access Key ID and Secret Access Key, and click the [Save Credentials] button to apply them.

Distribution Settings with AWS CloudFront

  1. Click the [Settings] icon on the top right of OvenStudio LLHLS and select [AWS CloudFront] from the left menu to enter the AWS Credentials settings page.

  2. And press the [Refresh] icon on the [Distribution Information] section to check your CloudFront.

  3. Once OvenStudio LLHLS has loaded your CloudFront information, click the [Enable Distribution] button to apply it to the system.

  1. If the connection is successful, the Status item will change to Enabled, and if you want to disconnect from Distribution, you can do so by pressing the [Disable Distribution] button.

Using a Signed URL with AWS CloudFront

In order to use the Signed URL feature to encrypt and set an expiration period for your distributed Edge URL when you want to distribute your streaming to more viewers through AWS CloudFront, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the [Settings] icon in the upper right corner of OvenStudio LLHLS to access the Settings page. Then, click on [AWS CloudFront] in the left menu.

  2. Scroll down slightly and activate the [Signed URL] tab to enable the feature.

  1. Return to the main page of OvenStudio LLHLS, click on the streaming box, and navigate to the [URLs] tab. Confirm that the [Signed Edge URL] item has appeared. This indicates that the feature is active and the Edge URL is now signed and secured.

The lifetime of a Signed URL is set to one hour and can be adjusted through the REST API. For details related to the API, please click HERE.

User Domain Configuration

Suppose you have connected AWS CloudFront to OvenStudio LLHLS and want to register and use your own domain instead of the default domain ( provided by AWS CloudFront. In that case, you can utilize this feature to add an alternate user domain.

  1. You need to enter your Domain Name and the Key Value of your SSL/TLS Certificate.

  2. And follow the method provided by your DNS service provider to add the AWS CloudFront Domain ( to a CNAME record.

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